my favourite local food and drink in Hanoi

places below are mostly around Hai Ba Trung – Hoan Kiem district where i grew up and Tay Ho – West Lake area where i live recently

noodle soups

  • bún thang – one of Hanoi signature noodle soups – end of Xóm Hạ Hồi lane on Quang Trung street
  • bún ốc – snail noodle soup the traditional way – 16 Đặng Dung (6am – 2pm only)
  • mì vằn thắn – dimsum noodle soup – 86 Phố Huế (near Chợ Hôm market)
  • bún mọc – meatball noodle soup – Nguyễn Chế Nghĩa (a small lane on Hàm Long street, til noon only)
  • miến lươn – eel noodle soup – to be updated
  • bánh đa cua  – crab noodle soup – Tràng Tiền lane

other dishes

  • bánh mỳ pate & sốt vang – bagguette sandwich & beef stew – Đình Ngang street at the counter of Cửa Nam & Hàng Bông str.
  • cháo trai – oyster rice porridge – 26 Trần Xuân Soạn used to be better in my memory, not that good anymore as they use the same porridge base for two different types ~ i’ll try the one on 37 Trần Nhân Tông and update : )
  • xôi – sticky rice with stewed egg, meat, etc. – my mum’s – from around 6-9am, 36 Thịnh Yên (in front of the third house from the outer one)
  • Cửa Hàng Mậu Dịch ~ eating like it’s the 50s ~ vietnamse food during communist time in Northern Vietnam ~ 37 Nam Tràng
  • bánh đúc nóng ~ hot rice pudding with stirfried minced pork and mushroom topping (it tastes better than the description!) ~ inside lane 8 Lê Ngọc Hân
  • chả cá lã vọng ~ pan-fried squares of fish tossed in dill, onion, turmeric and galangal ~ 14 Chả Cá


  • ốc luộc – boiled snails – Đinh Liệt/ Hàm Long/ Tống Duy Tân/ 109 Thụy Khuê – sitting like it’s the 90s!! (you can’t get the Hanoian sophisticated dipping sauce elsewhere!!)
  • nộm – papaya & banana flower salad with jerky beef, bánh bột lọc – central vietnamese clear dumplings with minced pork & shrimp filling, nem cuốn – rolled nem with fermented meat, fresh vege etc. – 16A Ngọc Hà lane
  • nem tai bà Hồng – 35 Hàng Thùng – rolls of fresh herbs and pork sprinkled with rice flour

vegetarian & vegan (restaurants)

  • bún đậu – fried tofu with noodle buns – C5 Giảng Võ close to a smal football field – until early afternoon ( i love the green leafy ‘hoa phượng’ trees there), the chè dessert closeby is alright too
  • An Lac Chay – vegetarian hut – 15 Đặng Thai Mai, lovely food & drinks served by a lovely Vietnamese couple – southern husband & northern wife
  • Sesame – lane 12 Đặng Thai Mai, vegan restaurant – you have to try the green rolls!
  • May – 18C Đặng Thai Mai
  • Sala – 170 Ngọc Hà, lovely menu, nice zen calligraphy on the walls, wooden tables & chair
  • Zenith Yoga – 247 Âu Cơ – delicious non additive vegan food & drinks
  • White Cloud – 299 Âu Cơ – lovely homemade by a warm-hearted buddhist practitioner lady
  • Hoa Đất – mindful family vegan week day lunch (booking in advance)
  • Diệu Tâm vegan buffet – Nguyễn Đình Thi street – 30K each person, wide variety of dishes with whole (red) rice, good value : )
  • atelier vegan to be ordered, made by a sister i trust


  • chè dessert – bobochacha lane 92 Cửa Bắc
  • traditional Hanoi chè dessert – 146 Quán Thánh – open from 2-9pm
  • kem Bodega icecream ~ 57 Tràng Tiền

drinks ~ cafe, tea and more

  • cafe Dinh ~ 13 Dinh Tien Hoang with the tiny balcony hotspot looking to Hoan Kiem lake : )
  • blue birds’ nest book cafe ~ 19 Dang Dung ~ support art, culture, social events and cyclists (10 ~ 15% off bills) with acoustic music and film events, good drinks and some food : )
  • tranquil book cafe ~ western drinks, open mic, vietnamese music nights’, film sometimes ~ a few locations in town, google : )
  • reng reng cafe ~ warm and cosy seating, like a new version of cafe Dinh : ) message them for the address, it’s part of the little journey : )
  • Tan’s tea house ~ attended a cosy introduction about tea and tea brewing and drinking from sister Tan’s heart ~ planning on a personal visit

(to be continued)

p.s. i haven’t cooked meat at home for a few years, though i still eat seafood and am still flexible with a few meat dishes when eating out – mainly because i miss some vietnamese/ hanoian dishes after 5-6 straight years being away. after almost 2 years in vietnam and 1 year in hanoi, i probably have had enough of what i missed and am planning to eat no meat when eating out aswell; with seafood – it will take some more time i guess. though i do believe in listenning to my body and in moderation : )

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