why ‘breathing & playing – mindfully’


Back in 2008, I started to pay attention tobreathing’ when practising yoga along Master Karmal’s videos. Though I took some yoga classes in early 2007, I guess the teacher was not focusing on breathing or I was not attending enough classes. Master Karmal, however, keeps reminding about breathing, turning off the phone during the lesson and forgetting about everything else.

I then read the first books by Thich Nhat Hanh in summer 2009 thanks to recommendation of a friend back then. I got a set of three of his books: ‘Anger – Wisdom for Cooling the Flames’, ‘The Art of Power’ (for people in business and politics) and ‘Cast a raft of reed – analyse The Tale of Kieu (Vietnamese classic literature) with the eyes of Zen Buddhism’. The first one I read was ‘Anger’. I can easily see why – at that time, with mental and physical violence at home and at the same time I stressed myself out trying to get a full scholarship to study abroad. I was often upset about my dad, my parents, my friends and myself. Thich Nhat Hanh reminds me often in his books of breathing in and out to come back to the present moment with myself – here and now.

I have, since then, practised ‘breathing’, more in situations that I want to calm down and gradually, almost all the time now. While doing anything – sitting, driving, eating, socialising etc. I pay attention to any discomfort in my body and mind, come back to my breath, relax to let go of tension. Great thanks to Eye Leo app for PC to prevent eye strain that freezes the computer screen every 30 minutes for 7 minutes (my own setting, you can change up to your preference)

Since August 2013, I practise meditation and yoga everyday. Months of continuous practice until now have eased my long-term emotional, mental and physical discomfort. I continue to read and listen to Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings everyday if possible, also try to apply them into my daily life – at home, at university, at work. Practising yoga, meditation and applied Zen Buddhism does not work all the time, it takes time and practice – it leaves me with stories and experiences to share.

‘Playing’ is about enjoying anything I do: sleeping, cooking and having meals, practising yoga and meditation, writing, working, brushing my teeth, having a shower, decluttering – the list goes on. When we were kids, we used to play toys or in the playground with full concentration and joy; and we mostly still do when it’s a form of playing as in traveling for example – but why not having the ‘playing’ spirit when we do other things in life? When we mindfully remind ourselves each time that all the chores, works and things can be done with joy and focus  – then we will be able to enjoy them better. I will get into details of how-to from my experiences and practice in later posts.

We breathe naturally, we can ‘play’ and have fun for some moments yet we don’t always breathe and play mindfully to bring true joy that lasts to ourselves and people around us. ‘Breathing & Playing’ with more than just a dash ‘mindfully’ is a reminder for this journal where I share my journey to a healthier mind, body and soul – day after day.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s books with customers’ reviews on Amazon can be found here. You can watch and listen to Thich Nhat Hanh’s talks in English, French, Vietnamese on Youtube, Vimeo or audio.

You can download Eye Leo app for PC here.

Videos of yoga teaching by master Kamal (with Vietnamese dub) are here.

(updated in July 2017)


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