‘How much ego do I need’ – Rita Riniker

Jamyang Buddist Center London filmed by Ewan Phillips interviewed by me: Question 1 – Relationship between Buddhism and politics:   Question 2 – Is it possible to meditate and be happy without the basics (food, water)?   Question 3 – Danger of attachment in case of a mother to her child?   Question 4 – […]

Useful (listing) sites for newcomers/ travellers in Vietnam

Travel City Pass Guide – Vietnam Travel & Living Guide Community-Produced Local Reviews and Answers Guide   Eat SOFF Find Safe & Organic Vegetables Happy Cow – Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant Finder   Cooking Vietnamese food Helen’s recipes (in English) Savoury Days (in Vietnamese) Khai Tam (in Vietnamese)   Activities Wake Up International – Young […]

Lessons from budget travelling & attending mindfulness retreat with my mum

It was the first time I travelled with my mum and it was her first time travelling for such a long time (3 weeks in total) with a budget to some extent. I booked for Airbnb well in advance in Saigon for me and my mum. A few days before my mum arrived, the Airbnb […]

exercise on the go & at work

On days when I don’t have time to do yoga and meditation after breakfast as usual, I do exercises on the go – that make up some basic positions of meditation, yoga and aerobic workout I leave myself enough time to walk slowly to the station and keep my back straight as when I meditate. […]

{Zen Installation} Peace Is Every Step

Peaceful New Year! Below is my Zen Installation for Convergent Media university coursework back in March 2012. I want to create a Zen installation using what I have learned from reading about Zen Buddhism – mainly books by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Master living in France. Thich Nhat Hanh turns thousand year Zen […]

{Video Installation} FLOW

Below is the text and videos for my video installation for Experimental Film & Video module in the first year at university on May 18th 2011. The two big (projection) screens with sounds muted of Marylebone Road and Oxford Street were in V shape. The Waterfall smaller video screen with sound on was at the […]