practise with me

i’m currently based in saigon, vietnam – available for guiding private/ small group, also would like to volunteer for a disadvantaged children group here ~ you can write to me at or on my facebook page ~ looking forward to practising together : )

possible tailored content (more upon request)

  • body relaxation, mindfulness – based sitting – walking – eating meditation, breathing techniques
  • mindful movements, gentle yoga, simple core strength exercises
  • habit creating for relaxation & mindful movement practice anytime, anywhere + digital detox


  • art therapy exercises through writing, music, movement, acting, filming, photography etc.
  • (private) mindfulness consultation available (self-love, family, relationships etc.), relationship reconciliation with love letter writing, beginning anew, deep listening and loving speech practice etc.


extra for kids (and adults, why not)

  • clementine eating meditation
  • pebble meditation
  • mindful songs and movements

* i’ve had Disclosure Scotland check before teaching at the Defence Academy of the U.K. in England (2015); also checked by Save the Children International while i worked there (2016 – 2017)

Hoa Binh 2017

Hoa Binh, Vietnam 2017

facilitator: sam – hang tran, applied mindfulness, healing yoga, medicinal nutrition practitioner – since 2007, daily practice since 2013:

  • yoga master Dr Kamal, aerobic (2007 – 2012)
  • triyoga & hot yoga (london, 2012 – 2013)
  • distinction – ‘Child Nutrition & Cooking’ – Stanford University via Coursera (2014)
  • hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, iyengar, restorative yoga & pilates, asana workshops – Zenith Yoga Hanoi (2017)
  • sivananda yoga, breathing – pranayama techniques, ayurvedic vegetarian diet (2018)


  • mindful, minimal living practice – Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village tradition with sanghas – Wake Up groups in London, Hanoi, Saigon (since 2009)
  • volunteer for Dalai Lama visit in Switzerland (2013)
  • ecology & mindfulness retreat – Plum Village Mindfulness Center (France, 2015)
  • 8 week mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) at Oxford Mindfulness Centre (Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, 2015)
  • international & vietnamese retreats at Plum Village Thailand (2016 – 2017)
  • vipassana meditation retreat with Sayadaw U Ottamasara from Thabarwa Center, Myanmar (2018)
  • heartfulness meditation with international group in Saigon (since 2018)


2016-06-12 09.58.49

Koh Samet, Thailand 2016


teaching experience:

  • during my living and travelling journeys since 2012 in london – uk, europe, california, south east asia
  • teaching private and at office – iSEE (the Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment)



Thessaloniki, Greece 2015

before practising:

  • eat lightly 1-2 hours in advance, use toilet before starting just in case
  • wear: comfortable stretchy clothes, remove accessories from neck, hands etc. (and makeup if possible so your skin can breathe too)
  • bring: some water with you, yoga mat, a bath towel if possible (to use as sitting cushion, to support your lower back in relaxation etc.)

and just relax, let all go and let it flow : )


support my journey:

account name: Tran Thi Thu Hang

account number: 99-3307859-99 – Standard Chartered Bank, Level 10, 37 Ton Duc Thang, D1, HCMC, Vietnam


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